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7 Apps To Create High Quality Content From Your Phone.

Updated: Mar 6, 2023

Content creation has become an art form and with the tools at our disposal, the possibilities are infinite. Contrary to popular belief, we can create really incredible pieces of content gold right from our phones.

I went ahead and curated 7 of my favorite apps to help you step up your creative game

  • The first superstar on the list is MOJO - INSTA STORY EDITOR. Instagram stories have become one of the most widely used feature on the app because it’s quick and easy to get creative on the spot. However, if you’re trying to pump out consistent content that pushes the envelope, Mojo is a great place to start.

  • MOCADECO - BE CREATIVE is the second game changer for photo editing and visual content creation. You can easily change the whole vibe of what you’re posting without having to learn photoshop. Some of the features include adding filters, adjusting the tone and sharpening the hue - to name a few.

  • PIXALOOP - PHOTO ANIMATOR is lucky number 3 on this list of winners. Have you ever wanted to animate a still photo but didn’t know how the pros did it? This is my version of that cheat code. You can turn a still wave into an ocean of motion, manipulate petals to fall backwards and you can even just make the photo pop in 3D.

  • PHOTOFOX lands at my number 4 spot with the coolest glitch effects, spliced up images and subject doubles.

  • Coming in at number 5, PICSART is my favorite app for stickers, memes & collages but it doesn’t stop there. The things you can do with light, color and dimension are worth exploring, even if you’re not a volume content creator. Made in Armenia.

  • The number 6 spot is taken by OVER: GRAPHIC DESIGN MAKER and is essentially a curated app creating awesome wallpapers, ads and flyers. If you’ve ever used Canva, you’ll definitely appreciate this one!

  • STORYART is another A1 choice for Instagram story templates but with an added key feature of being able to make beautiful picture collages.

Whether you’re a seasoned Instagram content creator or you’re just starting to get creative in the game, this list is a great place to start.

I love exploring these concepts and sharing them because giving back what I’ve learned is the whole point. For more content on all things branding, marketing and lifestyle check out my Instagram and to save a “snackable” version of this topic visit my post.

Much love,



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